Reinforced concrete for the construction elements is valuable construction material. This version is the most common and the most popular. Another option for dispersed reinforcement, which used in a concrete hose opens other possibilities, e.g. in floors.

Wha kind of reinforced proposals do we distinguish?

We have a choice: steel, polymer, polypropylene, glass. Each of the qualifications possessed by it’s advantages and subjects. Solutions with steel fiber dispersed in the main subject. In result, the floors are strong and stable. The lifetime of reinforced concrete with such fiber is dictated by issues that may be falsified.

The use of solutions with polypropylene and polymer fibers gives us more than one significance of the floor. Due to the fact that new features will appear in the production process.

What are the properties of reinforced concrete?

Why does building infrastructure require… cladding contractors? Primarily, due to extended life of the floor and start its operation, maintenance. In relation to bending, compression and shearing as well as increased resistance to fatigue and impact resistance. Due to the fact that it works in a simple way, in the case of heavy loads, eg industrial floors, thin-walled elements.

In the company of many years of experience reinforced concretes were developed with the different names. The idea behind this technology is what resulted from this project. Such concrete is manufactured by  companies with property rights. concrete with just parameters along with the fiber deposited on the construction site.

Why people should choose reinforced concrete?

Solutions and possibilities of using reinforced concrete are constantly evolving – fiberglass. The element made in this technology is invisible, durable, plastic and easy to shape into any solid. Products and technological elements made with the GFRC method, objects connecting with the green space, including aesthetic whole. In addition, they are characterized by above-average resistance to the most needed external, including error, colors and shapes of concrete corrosion. Products made of reinforced concrete and suitable for use in modern, industrialized and aggressive urban and industrial environments.