Cleaning concrete surfaces, especially in outdoor buildings, is very important. However, this is often a very embarrassing undertaking, which is why many building owners choose it very rarely. So how can you make the buildings clean themselves?

Why are concrete cladding hydrophobic properties important?

By applying the right impregnation for buildings, we can quickly help ourselves avoid the hassle of cleaning buildings. During rainfall, the concrete surface is largely cleaned by itself, which is not negligible considering the frequency of cleaning monuments or buildings. It is a completely ecological coating safe for man and the natural environment, without heavy hydrogens silicones and waxes, in addition, the coating allows the mineral structure to breathe.

Eco nano hydrophobic impregnants of the latest generation ensure the highest quality of nano surface impregnation. A very simple application allows each of us to carry out the application of nanowax eco in our own range and thickness up to 100 nm, which ensures the total invisibility of the hydrophobic coating with the naked eye on the surface, thanks to which the surface will look natural.

The right impregnation is very important

One product will protect building facades, slabs and concrete. The coating is both hydrophobic and oleophobic, which means that it separates both water and oily substances from the impregnated surface. Another advantage of the hydrophobic surface of the building is the self-cleaning of the surface during rainfall. A large part of atmospheric pollution, dust and dust is rinsed off the surface with raindrops. The new generation impregnation is resistant to acid rain which extends the life of the impregnation. It is definitely a very good investment for anyone who owns a large building or is responsible for its systematic maintenance. Contrary to appearances, these modern impregnations are not dangerous to our natural environment, thanks to which we can successfully use them without worrying about any consequences. They are also not too expensive, and it is thanks to them that our GRC concrete will look great.