Concrete with dispersed reinforcement, or fibrobeton, is a material whose characteristics deviate far from the properties of ordinary concrete. Recently, it is very popular in many areas. So what are its best properties and where can we use it?

GFRC the best solution

Optimal use of steel or synthetic macrofibers brings tangible benefits, and in many cases even allows you to overcome the limitations of traditionally reinforced concrete. Concrete with structural reinforcement belongs to the group of special concretes, which have special properties in addition to strength.

Of particular importance, concrete reinforced with steel or synthetic fibers takes on any dynamic loads, both mechanical, for example, impact of falling objects on the floor, and thermal, for example, rapid heating of a part of the floor. The dynamic overload that occurs will scratch the concrete, which if not reinforced, will be destroyed. In the case of reinforced concrete, concrete may be destroyed between the rods, while the fibrobeton works further, thanks to its ability to absorb the energy supplied to it. After passing the shock wave, created as a result of a dynamic load, the elasticity of the fibers causes closure of the cracks formed in the concrete, and the element does not lose its functional characteristics.

What opportunities does the use of GFRC cladding give?

The increasing demands placed on engineering constructions made of concrete cause that concrete, as a mixture of only three basic components: cement, aggregate and water is no longer used. Admixtures, for example, plasticizers, superplasticizers, delaying or accelerating setting time, aeration and others, additions, among others, fly ash, blast furnace slag, silica dust, are used for concretes. The use of steel fibers significantly improved the properties of the concrete. That’s why it encouraged us to look for other types of fibers as well.

Very often GFRC is used to build bridges and tunnels. As mentioned before, this material has very good durability properties, which is why it is so eagerly used. GFRC cladding is also a very ecological solution, therefore it is willingly used.