Concrete slabs are unquestionably associated with something extremely durable, hard and completely inflexible. However, some interior designs or building finishes require, for example, rounded corners, then the very thought of bending concrete makes us scared, because the plate can quickly crack. And this is true, ordinary architectural concrete is very inflexible, but this feature does not apply to the complete novelty which is GRC concrete.

Interesting railway infrastructure

Although the concrete is durable, it is not willingly used in railway infrastructure. In particular, mashed stone is readily used. It has, above all, the task of keeping the wooden sleepers of the railway tracks in place. Loose stones are better than, for example, concrete, because they transfer the vibrations well and break the weight of the train, and most importantly they do not break, the concrete slab would probably fall apart in such conditions. What’s more, the ballast reduces noise, prevents the formation of large puddles between the tracks, because it guarantees good drainage of the area and prevents the growth of weeds and grasses. However, modern types of concrete such as fiberglass-reinforced concrete are currently distinguished. So what are its advantages? How is it different from traditional material?

Railway infrastructure – is concrete cladding the right building material?

Aesthetically reinforced concrete looks exactly like decorative panels, but has many additional advantages. Glass fibers placed in concrete affect not only its durability but also its flexibility. Reinforced architectural concrete can be slightly bent, thanks to which we will obtain the effect of eg semicircular horns. In addition, it is characterized by high refractoriness and water resistance. Thanks to these features, it is completely safe to use and virtually indestructible by atmospheric conditions and random events. In addition, it can be exposed to strong sunlight or frost, making it an excellent finishing material outside the building.

Concrete panels with fiberglass can take a very decorative form, thanks to the possibility of cutting them out, for example, you can cut out the company logo or house number. Besides, you can apply the so-called on each of the boards. a stamp, that is, a sign or a sign that has been permanently imprinted. In the case of colored plates, the best solution is to order ready concrete in a given color, because the dyes are fused during production, so there is no fear that the color will lose its intensity. GRC concrete can also be painted alone with specially designated paints.