How to fight illegal inscriptions on the walls? How do you protect a building from unwanted graffiti? How can the municipal services clean the building? Or maybe you can delete the words on your own? Below we will try to answer these questions.

Ask before painting

Seeing the sluggishness in removing vulgar slogans from the walls, we feel like taking a brush and painting it. However, acting on your own, without consulting the owner of the property, can turn against us. If the way to remove the inscription and the measures we use will be different from the vision of the building manager, it may even end up for us destruction of property. It is better to coordinate any action to remove illegal content and the manner in which we want to do it, prior to agreeing with the property owner.

The same applies to housing cooperatives or communities. Residents who want to remove the insult yourself should inform the administrator or the community management in advance, determine how to remove the inscription, the scope of work, materials used. And the community must agree.

From impregnation to monitoring

If you do not want to overwrite the inscriptions over and over, you can cover the walls with special substances that make scratching difficult. The cost starts from few dollars per sq m

The walls are protected by wax-polymer substances resembling colorless paint. If the vandal paints the wall so prepared, the inscription should be washed with a pressure washer. But be warned: together with the inscription the wax layer also goes down; after washing it needs to be put back again.

Important question

It’s time to ask a question, does the railway infrastructure… really needs additional cladding panel? Of course, there is not such necessity regulated by law, however it is one of the most suitable solution in order to fight with graffiti vandalism. Using some additional cladding panel could lead to improvement in properties safety. However, if someone want to fight with vandalism effectively, using some CCTV could be the best solution.