Architectural concrete immediately boldly entered the market, winning the hearts of many recipients. Its aesthetic values ​​and extraordinary durability mean that people who want to take life from the beautiful are more and more often choose natural concrete slabs for the facade of their dream home. It is also eagerly used on the facades of office and public buildings. Fences from architectural concrete are perceived as exclusive.

Which concrete panels to choose?

Architectural concrete, exclusively in this offer, is a product manufactured according to a specially developed formula. Thanks to this, its parameters allow the use of material on the facade, also with insulation, both as a ventilated façade and glued.

Architectural concrete, as one of the few on the market, is resistant to external factors, therefore it is perfectly suited even in demanding conditions. Facades of architectural concrete that will be prepared for the object, are characterized by the highest quality, which is confirmed by the opinions of independent laboratories, architects and hundreds of satisfied investors. What is important and distinguishes concrete slabs from the majority of competition, they maintain their original appearance for a long time, being a perfect complement to the building’s body, marking its modernity and prestige.

Can concrete cladding panels be used only in buildings?

Recently, GFRC concrete has become very popular. These types of boards are primarily very durable. Already at the production stage, the concrete elements are protected with preparations that protect them against moisture. Elements that are to be found on the outside are also protected by preparations that increase their frost resistance and preparations that facilitate removal from their stains, for example, walls damaged by grafflists.

It is worth remembering that concrete wall and floor coverings can be painted. When the gray color ceases to please us, we can easily change it to another one. The advantage of tiles used as wall cladding is also the rich texture. We can choose not only smooth but also 3D, ie structural. In interior design, architectural concrete works perfectly. Fits virtually any interior, its gray or anthracite color fits perfectly with many other colors. We can boldly combine it with intense or subdued colors. It is a perfect background for glass, wood and metal trinkets. Works not only in loft interiors, but also in apartments of much smaller cubic capacity.